The Journal of Complementary Medicine is Australia’s only independent, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to bring evidence-based complementary medicine to the mainstream primary healthcare provider. A copy of the Journal is distributed bimonthly to every general practice surgery and community pharmacy in Australia, and bridges the gap in knowledge that its readers currently face when confronted with patients or customers enquiring about complementary medicine. Many GPs and pharmacists don’t ask — and often don’t get told — of the complementary therapies their patients and customers use, which can lead to drug interactions or adverse events. The Journal seeks to inform the conventional practitioner of treatments that over half their patients use, explain the evidence basis behind them, and educate them as to how to expand their current practice to integrate the holistic treatment that increasing numbers of their patients want.

The Journal is independently published, and its distinguished Editorial Board is drawn from national experts in medical and pharmaceutical research and education, most of who take a particular interest in complementary medicine. Together, they provide expertise in botanical, mind—body, nutritional, environmental and musculoskeletal medicine for the purpose of peer review of the Journal’s clinical articles.

Many other healthcare professionals find the Journal essential reading and subscribe to it, as it helps answer consumers’ questions concerning the science behind some treatments, keeps them abreast with the latest research and findings, and assists them to work collaboratively with medical professionals.

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